Helmet to Helmet: Head Banging in the NFL

Helmet to Helmet: Head Banging in the NFL
Helmet to Helmet: Head Banging in the NFL

With the rash of helmet-to-helmet accidents in the NFL [National Football League], the Powers-That-Be are re-evaluating the guidelines of the recreation. Some say skilled soccer is a Spartan sport, that males are males and due to this fact let the gamers play sans protecting limitations. Others say it is turning into too harmful and restrictions want to be in place relating to helmet-to-helmet clashing in order to hold gamers secure inside the recreation.

Dialogue is nice. Nonetheless, past the guidelines of the recreation some questions can actually be requested:

Query #1: How is “recreation” outlined?

Query #2: What determines true manhood?

Skilled soccer is a tough and difficult recreation, little doubt. However at the finish of day, soccer is barely a recreation, not a struggle. Ought to civilized societies permit the guidelines of video games to completely injure or try to injure others? Video games and their members are aggressive, however ought to they promote violence to such a level that the participant’s lives and their household’s futures are negatively impacted? When video games permit such extreme and injurious violence to happen, video games stop to be video games and grow to be wars. Are wars the material of a civilized society or an uncivilized one?

One other subject {of professional} soccer is ‘manhood’. What constitutes manhood? One definition contains being tough, robust, robust and brave. Little doubt these are admirable traits, however to what diploma ought to they be utilized?

If a person is actually robust and brave, should not his energy and braveness be exercised in restraint of his capability to harm or completely injure others, doubtlessly destroying the injured gamers’ careers in the course of? If a person is actually a person and spends his life taking part in a recreation… a recreation… should not he be robust sufficient {and professional} sufficient to hold his passions underneath management?

Briefly recap, when video games permit destruction of bodily capabilities which negatively influence its gamers’ private well being and monetary stability, inclusive of their households’ well-being, are they nonetheless “video games” or one thing else? And when a person purposefully units out to injure one other man underneath the “Guise of Sport” with whole disregard and disrespect not just for one other participant and his well-being however for the recreation itself, does he not stop to be a person and grow to be extra of an animal? Video games are video games, are they not? Ought to they grow to be relegated to so-called “video games’ like these of the historic Coliseum in Rome, or extra sane and civilized spectator contests for the leisure and pleasure of all with out the distasteful and depreciating bane and ache of non-public {and professional} destruction of life and well-being?