How the Temple of Jupiter Became the Church of St Peter

How the Temple of Jupiter Became the Church of St Peter
How the Temple of Jupiter Became the Church of St Peter

In the Roman Empire Jupiter was the head of the Trinity gods, together with Juno and Minerva. It was at all times the means in historic religions that there have been three individuals in the god-head. That is one thing religions born of the Romans couldn’t escape and Christianity is one of them. One ought to realise that the identify ‘Jupiter’ is ‘Peter’ in English and the temple devoted ‘him’ was located on Vatican Hill, over which Constantine constructed the Vatican.

With the faith established by the Roman Caesar got here the energy to cover its roots and to change the data. In such a vogue that the historical past of Rome itself was misplaced however following my reincarnation the Spirit led me to unravel it.

With a powerful hyperlink to the Spirit of the Universe, the solely God, it commissioned me to take away the barrier of lies and confusion and expose the identification of 666. He’s Constantine and the violence, persecution, torture, and homicide carried out by him continued to be the means of the Vatican over the time since its basis.

With it as his parliament Constantine took management of the empire as sole ruler, an ambition of his from the begin. He invented Jesus Christ and put Mary, the Mom God of Babylon, in it as the Mom of God.

The church received off to a rocky begin, nevertheless, as his insistence on the Trinity god-head was onerous for a lot of of the attendees at the Council of Nicaea (the one the place the church was established) to get their heads round. They have been used to a less complicated model of the solar as Mom God whereas the decrease gods of her faith had little energy. One of these was Dagon, half man half fish.

After Constantine’s demise the then Bishop of Rome, Damasis, appointed Jerome, a scholar, to supply a e-book to tie the unfastened ends of the religion collectively. He secured sufficient of the writings from round the empire to compile the New Testomony, half of which he wrote. This is called he formulated the church by introducing the order of service, legal guidelines, festivals, calendar, devices, and costumes, that are famous partially in Matthew.

He additionally primarily based the church on the apostle ‘Peter’ (Jupiter) as a result of the Vatican was constructed on his temple. He referred to as this the rock on which Christ supposedly established his church. He additionally altered the Septuagint to suit what he did and referred to as it the Previous Testomony. In his diaries and letters he’s somewhat particular about how he altered some and added to it.

He printed the mixed works as the Vulgate at the finish of the 4th CAD. From that point on the temple of Jupiter grew to become the church of St. Peter. It was all trickery and deceit from begin to end.