Soup Facts – Fun Trivia!

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Are you a lover of soup and soup recipes? Moreover the good style and selection that soup has, it additionally has a wide selection of makes use of in our histories of the world. Listed below are some identified and little-identified soup information that you simply would possibly discover attention-grabbing. I did!

o Are you able to imagine that Individuals sip over 10 BILLION bowls of soup each single yr! That is plenty of soup!

o Yearly, 99% of all American houses purchase soup – turning it right into a $5 billion enterprise. Whoa! I am within the unsuitable enterprise!

o Who eats extra soup?. Males or girls? Effectively, for a typical lunch, girls appear to be greater than twice as prone to eat soup as males. Statistics say, 9.6% vs. 4.0%.

o When was the earliest proof of our ancestors consuming soup? About 6000 BC! And guess what sort of soup it was? Hippopotamus!

o So, within the late 1700s, apparently the French King was so enamored with himself that he had his royal cooks create a soup that might permit him to see his personal reflection within the bowl. Sheesh! However consequently, consommé (clear broth) was born.

o Since we’re speaking in regards to the French here is one other attention-grabbing tidbit of soup lore that I needed to embrace on this Soup Facts web page. Within the French Court docket of Louis XI, the women’ meals had been principally soup. Guess what the reasoning was? They had been afraid that chewing would make them get away in facial wrinkles! If this had been true in the present day, it might put plastic surgeons out of enterprise!

o This one cracked me up! And but, it is a undeniable fact that intertwines style, consuming utensils and naturally, soup! Right here it’s: Why did skinny soups turned all the craze in Europe throughout the 17th century? The spoon was invented. (How did they eat soup earlier than the spoon???) Why was the spoon invented? Due to the newest style pattern: giant and stiff ruffles that the boys and the ladies of the excessive courts wore round their necks. (I guess that is how clowns obtained their concepts for his or her costumes!) The design of the spoon was to accommodate wearers of these giant ruffles and hold themselves from getting dripped on!

o The primary liquid nourishment most infants get is the milk from the mom’s breast, typically occasions known as “Milk Soup.”

o Frank Sinatra all the time requested for rooster and rice soup to be accessible to him in his dressing rooms earlier than he went on stage. He stated it all the time cleared his thoughts and settled his tummy.

o One other well-known one that cherished soup was Andy Warhol. He advised somebody that he painted these well-known soup cans as a result of its what he had for lunch – day by day for 20 years!

o Soup has all the time been often called the healing for any ailment of the guts, thoughts, soul and physique… and this previous Yiddish saying says it finest… “Troubles are simpler to take with soup than with out.”

o “Of soup and love, the primary is the most effective.” – from an previous Spanish proverb. (Typically, I feel that may be very true!)

Need extra attention-grabbing information and recommendations on soup? Merely go to the Soup Hoopla! Web site.

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