The Natural Optics of Mirror Neurons and Platonic Fullerene Chemistry

The Natural Optics of Mirror Neurons and Platonic Fullerene Chemistry
The Natural Optics of Mirror Neurons and Platonic Fullerene Chemistry

Fanatical violent resentment towards historical Greek scholarly studying reached a violent crescendo beneath the rule of Cyril, Bishop of Alexandria. In Edward Gibbon’s ‘The Historical past of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’, the start of the Darkish Ages started with the homicide of the custodian of the Nice Library of Alexandria, Hypatia. In 415 St Augustine declared Hypatia’s Platonic arithmetic to be the work of the Satan, contaminating Western science till the current time. Lastly, after nearly one thousand years of tutorial Platonic analysis, Plato’s Academy was banished from the Roman Empire as an heretical establishment by the Emperor Justinian I, in 529 .

Cosimo Medici re-established Plato’s Academy throughout the fifteenth Century close to Florence and appointed Marcilio Ficino as its Head. Harvard College Press advises that Ficino’s ‘Platonic Theology’ upheld the ethos of the Nice Italian Renaissance. Within the gentle of this, Leonardo da Vinci’s mechanical genius was actually not central to the Renaissance in any respect. The Platonic custom of Greek philosophy clearly warned to not use sense notion, specifically, imaginative and prescient, to know data of all issues. Leonardo used the attention because the supply of all data, adopted by Descartes and Sir Francis Bacon, making them pivotal individuals in establishing the mechanical industrial age. Albert Einstein inherited their scientific legacy by making imaginative and prescient basic to quantum mechanics.

The idea of atomistic Platonic love depicting an atomic science to stop the damaging evil of unformed matter from rising from the bodily atom, alluded to by Ficino, didn’t deliver concerning the rebirth of the Platonic Science for Moral Ends. Einstein’s E=Mc squared dominated twentieth Century science and introduced concerning the first emergence of nuclear chaos from the bodily atom. twenty first Century nanotechnology, as a substitute of creating the Platonic supra-human survival expertise, accelerated Einstein’s premier legislation of all science, towards what Einstein declared to be an inevitable extinction. The exponential development of time related to what’s now known as quantum organic holographic information-energy, was past Einstein’s comprehension. Einstein’s multi-billion 12 months time lapse till people should turn out to be extinct has shrunk with the arrival of the potential design of nanotechnology nuclear weaponry, which may very well be carried round, undetectable inside a small pockets.

This nightmare situation is the outcome of a Western schizophrenic scientific mindset. The ebook Earlier than and After Socrates, by F M Cornford, has been obligatory core curriculum studying since 1932, for the superior training of senior governmental directors, upholding the construction of Western democracy all through the world. On web page 65 the ebook states that, ‘Plato and Aristotle are among the many biggest fathers of the Church’, which is a nonsense assertion, as Plato’s mathematical analysis has been thought-about by the church to be a piece of the Satan. Sir C P Snow warned that if we didn’t reunite science again with the Platonic custom of the Greek Humanities then civilisation should collapse as a result of Einsteian world-view. Plato’s ‘Science for moral ends’ was constructed upon a mathematical fractal logic extending to infinity. Such mathematical ethics are clearly linked to the dwelling course of. That is in direct contradiction to mainstream science’s world-view wherein all life should turn out to be extinct. Plato’s logic was appropriate, as a result of nanotechnology has revealed that Candace Pert’s molecule of emotion does evolve as an infinite fractal expression.

Non secular contamination of political science prevented ethics from turning into half of atomic physics. Alexander Hamilton outlined liberty as being ensured via the design of authorities, which, in flip, was primarily based upon the rules of physics and geometry. The physics rules belonged to the printed work of Sir Isaac Newton and the geometrical rules belonged to Euclid. None of these logic bases prolonged to infinity. Nevertheless Newton’s ‘Heresy Papers”, found final century, accomplished the mechanical description of the universe with a extra profound philosophy that employed infinite Platonic arithmetic belonging to Plato’s infinite ‘Science for Moral Ends’. When Giordano Bruno taught about atomistic Platonic love at Oxford College, he returned to Italy to be imprisoned, tortured and burnt alive by the Church for doing so. Little surprise that Isaac Newton didn’t publish the concepts of his modern, Bruno, who’s now thought-about to be additionally one of the fathers of trendy science.

Atomistic Platonic love ideas belonged to the Platonic ‘Science for moral ends’ and additionally the ‘Science of common love’, each taught at universities in Greece throughout the third Century BC. Their mathematical constructions had been primarily based upon the sacred geometries developed in historical Egypt from mythological theories of creation, which Einstein known as intuitive mythological-mathematics. The 1957 New York Library of Science printed a ebook entitled Babylonian Fantasy and Trendy Science. The ebook related Albert Einstein’s concept of relativity with Babylonian mythological-mathematics. The distinction between the atomic theories embracing Platonic love derived from historical Egyptian mythological-mathematics and the sacred geometrical mythological-mathematics from Babylon, is necessary.

The Egyptian sacred geometries had been about stopping civilisation from reverting to chaos, whereas Babylonian mythologies had been concerning the worshipping of chaos because the goddess of conflict, Ishtar. The latest discovery of the mirror neuron demonstrates that compassion evolves as an infinite fractal expression. Charles Darwin primarily based his concept of evolution upon Thomas Malthus’ financial insurance policies for the East India Firm, a ruthless organisation that compelled the Chinese language Authorities to simply accept huge shipments of opium in cost for Spanish silver bullion. Darwin said that the important thing to his concept was the second legislation of thermodynamics, the legislation that Einstein later proclaimed should govern all of the sciences. Darwin later wrote his Descent of Man, wherein he famous that compassion was such a robust urge inside humanity, that it should absolutely have some necessary position to play in human evolutionary concept.

Nanotechnology exhibits that quantum organic energies entangle with Einstein’s quantum mechanical energies to evolve consciousness. The human survival expertise will be guided by a brand new Platonic Fullerene Chemistry, upholding a medical science wherein Platonic love embraces the Egyptian-Greek arithmetic of infinite compassion. As Buckminster Fuller wrote, that alternative is now one of ‘Utopia or Oblivion’.

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