The Vatican Must Return the Temple Treasures!

The Vatican Must Return the Temple Treasures!
The Vatican Must Return the Temple Treasures!

The Jews have prayed for two,000 years to once more see the Temple upon the Temple Mount. It is previous time for prayers alone: ACTION is critical to place religion into follow!

Let the Muslims undergo the Phrase and Will of God regarding the Temple Mount. Its sole function is to Home the Temple of the God of Jacob-Israel: that every one nations could come to know, love and obey the God of Abraham.

Could they agree the Rock of Abraham has been preserved by the “Dome of the Rock,” and that it was created for the Jews to proceed their worship upon the website of Israel’s Temple. It has served its function and now it is previous time to revive religious sovereignty to the Jews upon the Temple Mount that they could construct the House of Prayer for all peoples to return and worship.

Could the Jewish leaders repent of their woeful neglect of the Temple Mount and finish Jerusalem’s abomination of desolation – a Temple Mount with out a Temple!

Could the pope encourage Judah to obey God and construct His Royal Home, His Heavenly Embassy, in the noble spirit of King Cyrus, and restore the Temple treasures to Jerusalem.

Could the Vatican launch the silver, launch the gold, that Rome stole from Jerusalem!

Could they instantly return the Menorah to face once more the place it belongs: upon the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, inside the Temple! The Vatican chambers can have served their function of defending and preserving such consecrated gadgets for this time.

Let building start and will all nations and males search and discover the Nice Creator God of the Bible, the God of Israel, and study of His Phrase and methods and be blessed!