Vincent Van Gogh: The Victim of His Own Behavior

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Vincent van Gogh was born in 1853 in Zundert within the south of Netherlands. He was unfortunate to reside just for 37 years and to find his ardour for artwork on the age of 27. Subsequently, he labored as an artist for under 10 years of his life. This text investigates why his inventive works have been uncared for and underestimated though he lived within the Enlightenment Age, which signifies that he lived within the age when the artwork motion was at its apex.

In the course of the Enlightenment Age, emphasis on literature, philosophy, science, high-quality arts and music turned extra widespread, particularly with the rising center class. Which means Vincent van Gogh had lived in a revived and flourishing inventive motion, which was supposed to assist him flourish as an artist and grow to be wealthy. Quite the opposite, he didn’t avail himself of the Enlightenment Age and achieve a popularity as an artist. Though Vincent painted 900 work and greater than 1,100 drawings, his works remained unknown and unsold and his brother Theo supported him financially throughout his lifetime.

Maybe one of the explanations for his failure to claim himself as a well-reputed artist is his clumsy behaviour when he underwent psychotic episodes and delusions. One more reason which added insult to damage is his short-tempered nature and rudeness which most of the instances introduced him bloody confrontations most prominently his combat along with his fellow Gauguin that ended up with reducing off Vincent’s’ earlobe. Furthermore, he was at all times soiled and never well-dressed, which made individuals keep away from coping with him and or shopping for his inventive works. Moreover, the deterioration of his well being and monetary standing delivered extra pangs to his life and triggered an early demise to such an important artist like Vincent however now in our age, his magnificent portray (Portrait of Dr Gachet) is offered round 150 million {dollars} in auctions.

What we study from Vincent’s expertise is that the seed that’s planted in darkness might blossom later within the mild. Which means for those who work on one thing possibly you’ll not see its fruits or its fruits could also be predestined to the subsequent generations. What’s extra vital as an ethical lesson is that we should always not choose gifted individuals by their outward present however by their talents, abilities and essence.

Vincent van Gogh is simply an instance of the gifted individuals who failed of their pursuit in direction of glory.

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